Microsoft Excel: Create drop down list data

To create Excel template for your document, sometimes you need to select data from the provided one without typing again. Here is the way to create drop down list for the prepared data.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- First of all, you need to create the group of data that you want to use in the drop down list. In my case, I create the group of data in new tab of the same Excel file.

- Select "Data" menu and click at the cell that you want to create drop down list.

- Click at "Data Validation" button and select "Data Validation..." choice.

- Excel will show "Data Validation" pop-up window. In "Allow:", select "List" option.

- When select option "List", it will show "Source:". Click at grid button.

- Select the tab that contain the group of data, drag the mouse over the data that you want to use. Then, select the grid button when you finish.

- Click "OK" button to finish.

- There will be the drop down list for the cell you have selected. When click at the drop down list button, the data that you specified will be shown as the picture below.


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