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Windows: Create Lock Screen Shortcut

In stead of setting automatic screen lock, you can set one click button to lock it. Follow these steps.

Environment: Microsoft Windows 7

Right click at the Desktop. Select "New" and then, "Shortcut" at the context menu. Enter "%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation" into "Type the location of the item" textbox and then, click "Next" button. Enter any name to the shortcut in "Type a name for this shortcut". Click "Finish" button. The shortcut will be created on Desktop. It's ready to use from here. Just double click, it will call the screen lock function. To change the picture of the icon, right click at the icon and then select "Properties". In "Shortcut" tab, click "Change Icon..." button. In "Change Icon" pop-up window, click "Browse...". Scroll down to find "shell32.dll" file. Click at the file and click "Open". Scroll to the right…

Microsoft Word: Manage Multilevel List

Microsoft Word defines the default Multilevel List. You may want to modify it to look different from the existing library. I found it's very difficult to manage the list from the context menu.

There is a function to manage it easier. Please check this sample to get some idea.

Environment: Microsoft Word 2010

Put the cursor at the list that you want to define new style. Select "Home" tab, click at "Multilevel List" button. And then, select "Define New Multilevel List...". You can change the style of the list in any level you want by selecting the level first in "Click level to modify" list box. And then, select style in "Number style for this level" dropdown list. If you want to include the number of top level, you can select the top level in "Include level number from" dropdown list. It will insert the top level in front of the current number. You can change the position by putting the cursor after the current number or move t…

LINE: Change the contact name

People use some other name to represent themselves in LINE. To search them, you might not be able to remember what name they are using. You can just change the displayed name to what you call them.

Follow these steps to change it.

Application: LINE version 3.1.7
O/S: Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4
Device: Samsung Galaxy S III

Press at the friend that you wan to change the name. Press at the pencil sign in the pop-up screen. It will show you the textbox to override the name. Type in the name that you want to call your friend and press "Save". Scroll down or search the new name you just defined.