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Google Contact Group: How to select multiple e-Mail Contact into Google Contact Group

I created Google Contact Group and added people from my contact into it but I found that Google automatically selects only 1 e-Mail from the multiple e-Mail contact. I need to add more e-Mails into the contact group. It's quite hard to find how.

So, here it is the way to add:
- I will start from adding new group. After you login into Gmail, select "Contacts" and "New Group...". It will pop-up "New Group" box. Enter your group name and click "OK".

- Select the new group that you just added. Then, select "Add to " drop box. Type contact name that you want to add and select the e-Mail that you want to specify.

- You can keep typing the same name that has many e-Mail address and select more to add until you are satisfy.

- Once you are okay, click "Add" to add e-mails from the contact.

- The e-Mails from the contact person will be added into the group.

Now, Google will send e-Mail using those e-Mails you specified.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Set default font for Text Box

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 has default font in Text Box as "Calibri, 18 pt, black". To set different default font will help you not to change every time you use Text Box

- From main menu, select "Home" and then "Text Box".

- Place Text Box in the slide and set font and size as you want.

- Right click at the boarder of Text Box, then select "Set as Default Text Box".

- Next time you use Text Box, it will use the font ans size that you set as a default.