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Excel: Convert Second to Minute

You have number of second and want to convert into minute format. Use this function.

Replace you value in this function:
=INT(value/60) & ":" & TEXT(INT(MOD(value,60)), "00")

For example:
=INT(H4/60) & ":" & TEXT(INT(MOD(H4,60)), "00")

Note that 'H4' is cell in Excel.

The value will be:
603 Seconds will be shown as 10:03

Microsoft Word 2010: Tab is no longer working within bullet/numbered outline

Normally, you will use TAB in Word Processing to help increasing indent and use Shift+TAB to help decreasing indent.

Somehow, you mistyped something and TAB is no longer help to increase or decrease the bullet and numbering anymore without Microsoft Word noticing you.

To set it back for Microsoft Word 2010, please follow these steps:

- Select 'File' -> 'Options'

- In 'Word Options' window, select 'Proofing' and then 'AutoCorrect Options...' button.

- In 'AutoCorrect' window, select tab 'AutoFormat As You Type', check at 'Set left- and first-indent with tabs and backspaces' and then click 'OK'.