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Windows: Directly call Internet Properties

Currently, I'm working in the customer site. There are 2 wireless networks to connect depend on the location in the building. The problem is one of them need to set Proxy to surf internet but that proxy limits many things I need to use, such as LINE for PC. Therefore, I switch back to use no Proxy every time I can use the other wireless.

There are many steps to open Internet Properties to set the Proxy. So, here are the steps to call it faster.

Environment: Windows 7 x64

Right click at the desktop. Select "New" and then, "Shortcut".

In "Create Shortcut" pop-up window, add "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL inetcpl.cpl,,4" for "Type the location of the item:". Click "Next" button for the next step.

Type any name that you want in "Type a name for this shortcut:". Then, click "Finish".

You will find the short cut icon that you just created on your desktop.

Double click to see the result. You can click a…