Google Sheet: How to perform spelling check in other language

Google defaults spelling check in English for you. What if you are writing in other language and want Google to perform spelling check for you.

Here are the steps:

In your Google Sheet, click at main menu "File" and then select "Spreadsheet settings...". Click at the drop-down list under "Locale". Select the language you want Google to check spelling and click "Save settings" button. In this case, I want to select check with Mexican Spanish dictionary. Now, click at main menu "Tools" and then, "Spelling...".
Google will check the entire sheet and suggest you to change the word. Click "Change" button if you want to change.

It seems like Google will recognize English anyway. Unless, you type in any other language, it will suggest you to change to Spanish word.

Set Grave Accent (~) as a language switcher for Mint

Environment: Linux Mint 17.2

Mint comes with the default language switcher as ALT + Left Shift. But I normally like Grave Accent (~) to switch between languages as I used Microsoft Windows for a long time. Here are the steps to add Grave Accent (~).

Download zip file grave-key.Open downloaded folder. You will find compressed file name "grave-key.tar.gz". Double click at file name "grave-key.tar.gz". It will open uncompressed program. Click "Extract".

You will find one folder name "grave-key" in the same folder. Open command line Terminal. Click at "Menu", select "Terminal".
At the cursor, type command "su -" to change to "root". Enter root password.Change directory to the downloaded folder by typing "cd /home//Downloads/grave-key".Make sure that the file "" allow execute permission like "-rwxr-xr-w". Otherwise, you can run command "chmod 755"Run "s…

How to disable Automatic Network Printer Discovery

Click "Start" button and click "Control Panel" menu.
Click "Network and Internet". Click "Network and Sharing Center". Click "Change advanced sharing settings". Select "Turn off network discovery" Radio button and click "Save changes" button.

Oracle: SQL to count record in all tables

If you want to know the record in all the tables from your database, can simply use this SQL command.

SELECT table_name,
               TO_NUMBER(extractvalue(xmltype(dbms_xmlgen.getxml('select count(*) c from ' || table_name)), '/ROWSET/ROW/C')) count
FROM user_tables
ORDER BY table_name;

Credit to

Hacker: ไขข้อข้องใจการเจาะระบบ

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Microsoft Word: Show invisible line table

Sometimes, you may create table in Microsoft Word and make it invisible because you just want the format. But then, it's troublesome when you to type in it. Like you are blind.

Actually, there is the way to show the table without drawing the line.

Environment: Microsoft Word 2010

From "Home" tab, click at the drop-down arrow of table button. Then, click at "View Gridlines".

It will show you the table guideline as below.

Google Spreadsheet: Count cells

To count cells that have value, you can use function "COUNTA". It will return the amount of cell that has value.