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Microsoft Project: Change task bar to 2-D

To be more classic, I feel like task bar showing as 2-D more than 3-D. The 3-D is showing like this.

Here are the steps to change it.

Environment: Microsoft Office Project 2007
From menu bar, select "Tools" and then "Options...".

In "Options" pop-up windowSelect "View" tab.Uncheck "Bars and shapes in Gantt views in 3-D" under "Show" section.Click "OK" to accept the change.

The result will be shown as below.

Microsoft Project: Set new task starting from current date

Once you create long-term schedule in Microsoft Project and you want to add new task later on, it will create the new task and put default date in the project starting date. It's not so convenient to look for it or to change the date. So, you can just set the parameter for the default.

Environment: Microsoft Office Project 2007

- Select "Tools" from the menu bar and then select "Options...".

- In "Options" pop-up window
   - select "Schedule" tab.
   - Select "New tasks" under "Scheduling options for "
   - Then select "Start on Current Date".
   - Click "OK" button to save the setting.

Microsoft Project: How to change text format in 'Duration'

To change the text format in the 'Duration' column in Microsoft Project, it help for the columns display space.

Environment: Microsoft Office Project 2007

Please follow these steps:
- Select "Tools" from menu bar and then "Options...".

- There will be "Options" pop-up window. Select "Edit" tab and select "Days:" dropbox. Select the format that you want to change to and click "OK".

The result will be changed as below.

Nokia: Set proxy for S60

First, you must connect and put the password to connect the wireless that you want to set. You must not connect the wireless that you want to set.

Then, follow these steps.
- Select "Menu".
- Select "Tools".
- Select "Settings".
- Select "Connection".
- Select "Access points".
- Move the highlight to the wireless that you want to set proxy and select "Options" and then select "Edit".
- Select "Options" and select "Advanced settings".
- Select "Proxy server address" and enter the IP address. Then, select "OK".
- Select "Proxy port number" and enter port number.
- Select "Options" and then, "Exit".

Try to connect the wireless that you just set.


Microsoft Excel: How to show tab bar in Excel

I used Google Cloud Connect and uploaded Excel file into Google Document. Once I download the Excel file, it hides the tab bar at the bottom. I need to click the other tab to modify but there is no way to navigate.

Here is the way to get it back.
- From the menu bar, select "File" and then "Options".

- Select "Advanced", scroll down until "Display options for this workbook", check "Show sheet tabs".

Output will show the tab bar to be able to select Worksheet that you want to work with.