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Microsoft Excel: Hide zero value in specific cell

After you configure Microsoft Excel to show zero value in the worksheet (refer to, there are some cells that you need to hide when its value is zero. Here are the steps to hide in specific cell.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- Right click at the cell that you want to hide the zero value. Then, select "Format Cells..." from the menu.

- "Format Cells" pop-up will be shown. At "Number" tab, select "Custom" at "Category:" list box. Replace value "0.00;-0;;@" into "Type:" input box. Click "OK" button to save the value. You can change the format of number to display when it's not zero in the first value before semi-colon (;).

The result will be blank when the value in cell is zero.

You can use "Format Painter" to apply to the rest of the cells that you want to have the same format.

Reference: http://office.microso…

Microsoft Excel: Show zero value in worksheet

When you input zero value into the worksheet, Microsoft Excel will show blank cell but you want it to display "0" value.

To display the zero number, you have to set configuration by following these steps.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- Click "File" menu and then "Options".

- The "Excel Options" pop-up will be shown. Select "Advanced" from the left pane. Scroll down until fine the "Display options for this worksheet:" section. Select worksheet that you want to see the zero value.

- Check in "Show a zero in cells that have zero value" checkbox. And then, click "OK" button to save the value.

You can select other worksheet and check this option and click "OK" at once to apply to more than one worksheet at the same time.


Google Chrome: Set default search engine

Normally in Google Chrome, when you type any words in URL bar, Chrome will call search engine which is Google Search Engine by default. One day, it just happen that other search engine changes to be something else. Here is the way to change your default search in Google Chrome.

Environment: Google Chrome version 15.0.874.120 m

- Open Google Chrome web browser.
- Click "Customize and control Google Chrome" button and click at "Options". Google Chrome will open new tab.

- At "Basics" option, select the search engine that you want from "Search" drop down list. Close the tab. The value will be saved automatically.


Microsoft Excel: Create drop down list data

To create Excel template for your document, sometimes you need to select data from the provided one without typing again. Here is the way to create drop down list for the prepared data.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- First of all, you need to create the group of data that you want to use in the drop down list. In my case, I create the group of data in new tab of the same Excel file.

- Select "Data" menu and click at the cell that you want to create drop down list.

- Click at "Data Validation" button and select "Data Validation..." choice.

- Excel will show "Data Validation" pop-up window. In "Allow:", select "List" option.

- When select option "List", it will show "Source:". Click at grid button.

- Select the tab that contain the group of data, drag the mouse over the data that you want to use. Then, select the grid button when you finish.

- Click "OK" button to finish.

- There will be the dr…

Microsoft Word: Make picture background to be transparent

If you want to make your picture background to be transparent but don't have any tool. Microsoft Word also provide the simple tool for that.

Environment: Microsoft Word 2010

- Select the picture that you want to make the background to be transparent. The menu "Picture Tools" -> "Format" will show in the main menu.

- Click at "Format" menu. It will show the sub-menu. Click "Remove Background" button.

- Menus under "Background Removal" will be shown as below. In the picture, purple area is the transparent area.

- Adjust area that you want to make transparency.

- Click at "Mark Areas to Keep" button and mark at the areas that you don't want to be transparent.

- When finish marking area, click "Keep Changes" button to keep the change.

- The result will be as below.

Windows: How to ping Windows Server 2008

I need to access my server using "Remote Desktop Connection". Starting with ping the IP of the server but it couldn't find the IP. After searched from internet, found the answer from Microsoft site.

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

To enable ICMP Echo Request for ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 follow these steps:

- From "Start" button from the left corner. Then, click at "Administrative Tools" and "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security".

- In the "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" snap-in, click "Inbound Rules" in the tree located in left hand pane, and click "New Rule..." in the "Actions" pane.

- In "New Inbound Rule Wizard" pop-up window, at "Rule Type", click "Custom" option and click "Next".

- Select "All programs" and click "Next".

- For Protocol type, select "ICMPv4" to allow network connection with IP version 4.

- Click &quo…

Windows: Connect network adapter to Windows 2008 Server R2 x64

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

I bought made-by-order PC to make my own development server and install Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 operating system. But I found that there is a problem to let this O/S to know LAN on-board. So, I tried with many other LAN card or Wireless LAN. Still there is no driver that matches and works well with the O/S.

Finally I found in Thailand market that there is a LAN card for server model. It's "Intel®PRO/1000PTServer Adapter" use with PCI Express (PCIe) slot.

The price is 5 times more expensive than the normal LAN card but it solve my problem.

Other card that may be able to use with this O/S is D-Link DGE-530T but I couldn't find it to test.

Good luck for the one that get frustrate about this issue.

Intel®PRO/1000PTServer Adapter
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