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Thunderbird: How to add e-Mail account with POP protocal

This is the way to add e-Mail account into Thunderbird. Currently, I'm using Thunderbird 3.1.5 to demonstrate.

- From the menu bar, select "Tools" and then "Account Settings...".

- At the "Account Settings" window, there is a "Account Actions" dropdown list at the bottom left, click and select "Add Mail Account...".

- At "Mail Account Setup" window, enter
   1) "Your name" = Your name
   2) "Email address" = Full e-Mail account
   3) "Password" = Your password
   4) Check at "Remember password" to let Thunderbird remember it.
   Then, click "Continue" button to continue.

- Thunderbird will try to find common e-Mail server name for you. But this case it found IMAP protocal. Click "Edit" to change to POP.

- Change the values
   1) "User name" = Full e-Mail address
   2) "Incoming" = POP server name
   3) Change dropdown list to "POP"

Photoshop: How to get rid of oily face

To remove oily face, I use Photoshop 7.

- Open Photoshop and your picture file.
- Select 'Clone Stamp Tool (S).

- Select 'Mode' to be 'Darken'. This option is to make it effect only the area that it's brighter.

- Decrease 'Opacity' to be around 50% to adjust the colour bit by bit.

- Select 'Softround Brush' in the size you are convenient to.

- Select the point that close to the bright area by press 'ALT'+ 'Left Click'.
- Then click at the brighter area to adjust the photo.
- Result to compare before and after.