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Windows Vista: Add schedule task

To add daily task, we can set schedule in Windows.

From "Start Menu", select "Control Panel".

In "Control Panel", click "System and Maintenance".

In "System and Maintenance", click "Administrative Tools".

In "Administrative Tools", double click "Computer Management".

Windows will ask Administrative permission. Click "Continue" to allow.

In "Computer Management", section "Actions", click at "Create Task...".

In "Create Task" window, tab "General", put "Name" that you want to call it.

Click at "Triggers" tab and click "New..." button.

In "New Trigger" window, at "Settings" section:
- Select "Daily" option
- Set time that you want to trigger
- Input "Recur every" = 1 to run daily
- Click "OK" buttion

Click at "Actions" tab and click "New..." to creat t…

Blogger: Remember Me Option

I found problem that every time I wanted to come to Blogger, I need to log in again over and over even I checked "Remember Me" option.

To let Blogger remember your loin and password, have to allow cookies for the site.

Using Internet Explorer, select "Tools -> Internet Options"

In "Internet Options", select "Privacy" tab and click "Advanced".

In "Advanced Privacy Settings"
- check "Override automatic cookie handling".
- Set "First-party Cookies" = "Accept"
         "Third-party Coodies" = "Accept"
- Check "Always alllow session cookies".
- Click "OK".

Note that some options you may not have to set like I suggest because I'm lazy to check which one is enough for Blogger. :P

Convert .msg to .eml

I moved my e-Mail from Microsoft Outlook to use in Thunderbird. All the old e-Mails that I saved from Microsoft Outlook are in .msg format.

To read .msg using Thunderbird is not possible, at least for now.

So, we need to convert from .msg to .eml

By the way, there are many tools available to use but most of them have price.


I found one that is shareware name "E-Mail-Converter". It's just fine. Has some bugs though. Usable.

The important restriction is that you cannot have space or too long file name in the .msg file when you want to convert.

Try it from

Unfortunately, when I remove Microsoft Office from my computer and try to open E-Mail-Converter program again. It shows pop-up that it need Microsoft Outlook which I don't want to use the Outlook program any more. :(


One I ran the program, unhandled exception occurred. :( Cannot use…

OpenOffice Calc: Function to convert string to number

Use function "VALUE()" to convert from string into number value.

YouTube: Salsa Dog

So cute!

OpenOffice Writer: Mix page layout both of portrait and landscape

To mix page layout both of portrait and landscape, OpenOffice Writer provides quite easy way to do.

From menu bar, select "Insert -> Manual Break...".

In "Insert Break" window, select
- "Type" = "Page break"
- "Style" = "Landscape"
- Click "OK".

Output will show as below.

When you want to add another layout using portrait, from "Insert Break" window, select
- "Type" = "Page break"
- "Style" = "Default"
- Click "OK"

All the results come out as below.

Google Sync for Mobile: System error. Please try again later.

I tried to setup 2-way synchronization between my google calendar and my mobile, Nokia E71.

After installed Mail for Exchange in the mobile and followed the setup from google seems very easy:

I connect from the mobile to google but when it start to synchronize there is a message shows "System error. Please try again later.".

After searched for solutions, I found some suggestion to enable synchronizeonly Calendar and it works.

Reference from:

Windows: How to disconnect/release a shared folder

When you connected to the shared folder with one user and later you want to connect to the shared folder with a different user. Without restarting your computer, perform this steps:
- Run "cmd" to open MS-DOS command prompt.
- Type "net use" to view the session that you are connecting to.
- Type "net use \\server_name\shared_folder /delete". For example, "net use \\server_name\ipc$ /delete"
- Try to connect the server again. It will pop-up window for you to put username and password to connect.

More information about "net" command: