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Microsoft Word: Automatically insert file name

You may want to add file name into the document in case of printing out. You can add in Header, Footer or any other area. Here are the steps:

Environment: Microsoft Word 2010

Put the cursor in the place that you want to insert file name.From the menu bar, select "Insert", click at "Quick Parts" button and select "Field...".

In pop-up window:In "Categories:", select "Document Information"."Field names:", select "FileName".Click "OK" button to save.

The file name will be automatically shown the below.

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Microsoft Word: Split the connected table

You may create a table and want to split it. But sometimes, you delete the line between tables and Microsoft Word join those tables together. So, how can you split it again? Suppose that you can't undo your action.

Environment: Microsoft Word 10

Select the row that you want to split from the table above. From the menu bar, select "Layout" and then "Split Table".

The result will be shown as below.