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Microsoft Word: Split document to view side by side

Sometimes, you want to view the document in the other page without moving from your current position. Microsoft Word provides the function "Split" in "View" menu but it's horizontal alignment. The monitor nowadays is more wide. So, it's more comfortable to view and compare document vertically. Again, unfortunately, Microsoft Word doesn't provide shortcut function to do such a thing. And without having to save as the document into another copy, here I write the steps to do:

- From "View" menu, select "New Window". It will open the same document in new window.

- The new document will be titled as "2" and the original one will be titled as "1". Click menu "View" and then click "View Side by Side".

- The windows will be aligned vertically. And if you don't want to make it synchronize with scroll up and down both document, you can click at "Synchronous Scrolling" to disable it.

Microsoft Visio: How to set default font

Microsoft Visio doesn't have the easy way to set its default font and size. Please follow these steps to make change of your drawing.

Environment: Microsoft Visio 2007

Solution No. 1: Set default font and size from Style
Note that this solution will not apply to the drawing that you change to specific font.

- From menu bar, select 'Tools' and then 'Options...'.

- In 'Options' pop-up window, select 'Advanced' tab. At 'Advanced options', check 'Run in developer mode' and press 'OK' button. This option will allow you to select 'Define Styles...' sub-menu.

- Draw some drawing and select it. At the menu bar, select 'Format' and then select 'Define Styles...' sub-menu.

- In 'Define Styles' pop-up window, at 'Style' section, the default style name will be selected automatically follow by the style of the drawing that we selected before opening this pop-up. Click 'Text...' in 'Change&…

Microsoft Word: How to repeat header row from table

When you create document, you may want to repeat header of the table in every page like the option 'Row to repeat at top' in Microsoft Excel.

You can do that in Microsoft Word as well by following these steps.

Environment: Microsoft Word 2007

- Be sure that you are in 'Print Layout' view mode.

- Select the header row that you want to repeat in every page.
- After that, at the menu bar, select 'Layout'. Inside the menu, select 'Repeat Header Rows'.
That's all. You will get the repeated header row in every document page.