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Set Grave Accent (~) as a language switcher for Mint

Environment: Linux Mint 17.2

Mint comes with the default language switcher as ALT + Left Shift. But I normally like Grave Accent (~) to switch between languages as I used Microsoft Windows for a long time. Here are the steps to add Grave Accent (~).

Download zip file grave-key.Open downloaded folder. You will find compressed file name "grave-key.tar.gz". Double click at file name "grave-key.tar.gz". It will open uncompressed program. Click "Extract".

You will find one folder name "grave-key" in the same folder. Open command line Terminal. Click at "Menu", select "Terminal".
At the cursor, type command "su -" to change to "root". Enter root password.Change directory to the downloaded folder by typing "cd /home//Downloads/grave-key".Make sure that the file "" allow execute permission like "-rwxr-xr-w". Otherwise, you can run command "chmod 755"Run "s…