Microsoft Visio: How to set default font

Microsoft Visio doesn't have the easy way to set its default font and size. Please follow these steps to make change of your drawing.

Environment: Microsoft Visio 2007

Solution No. 1: Set default font and size from Style
Note that this solution will not apply to the drawing that you change to specific font.

- From menu bar, select 'Tools' and then 'Options...'.

- In 'Options' pop-up window, select 'Advanced' tab. At 'Advanced options', check 'Run in developer mode' and press 'OK' button. This option will allow you to select 'Define Styles...' sub-menu.

- Draw some drawing and select it. At the menu bar, select 'Format' and then select 'Define Styles...' sub-menu.

- In 'Define Styles' pop-up window, at 'Style' section, the default style name will be selected automatically follow by the style of the drawing that we selected before opening this pop-up. Click 'Text...' in 'Change' section.

- Another pop-up window will appear, 'Text'. In 'Font' tab, 'Font settings' section, you can select the default font you want and its style in 'Latin text', 'Style', 'Size'. And in 'Complex scripts' section, you can select its default font in 'Font' and 'Style'. When finish, click 'OK' button.

- It will return to 'Define Style' pop-up window, click 'Apply' to apply to all the drawing that use this style.

Now you can always get the style that you set. It will be save in this drawing document only. Once you open new document, those style will be back to the default of Visio drawing.

Remember that all the steps above will be applied ONLY to the drawing that use the same style name. To apply to other styles, select Style Name to define font style that you want and repeat the same steps.

Solution No. 2: Set default font from Theme
Note that this solution will NOT be able to set default font size. But the good point is that it will apply to ALL drawings no matter what font you have defined in the specific drawing.

- From the menu bar, select 'Format' and then, 'Theme...'.

- It will open 'Theme' pane by the right side of the application window. Select 'Theme Effects' and then 'New Theme Effects...'.

- In 'New Theme Effects' pop-up window, select tab 'Text'. At 'Font settings', you can select default font in 'Latin text' and at 'Complex scripts', you can select font that you want to use as default in 'Font'. Then, click 'OK'.

- Back to 'Theme' pane, inside 'Apply theme effects', new theme will be added in 'Custom' section. Move the mouse over the new theme, there will be the button to click. Click at the button on the new theme, the sub-menu will appears. Then, select 'Apply to All Pages'.

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