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Nokia: Format Symbian S60 in E71

Got a problem with my phone: I couldn't unlock it by pressing the usual buttons. Before defining whether it's the hardware or not, I decided to format my phone believing the software was the problem.

Environment: Nokia E71, Symbian O/S S60

- Turn off your mobile.
- Press 4 buttons at the same time: Button to answer the phone, 3, * and Turn On/Off

That's it! The phone got restarted and you configure your phone from the beginning.


Thunderbird: Remove e-Mail password

I stored e-Mail for more than 10 years from Outlook to Thunderbird and changing to Gmail for managing in one place. All the e-Mail database are in Thunderbird format. I still need to keep them for reading purpose but without downloading more e-Mail to Thunderbird. Therefore, I need to remove the password for those e-Mail accounts in Thunderbird not to let it access to the account. You also can use these steps to change your password as well.

Environment: Thunderbird 8.0

- Open Thunderbird. From the menu, click at "Tools" and select "Options...".

- There will be "Options" pop-up window, click at "Security" menu. Then, select "Passwords" tab and click at "Saved Passwords..." button.

- "Saved Passwords" pop-up window will be opened. You can select the account that you want to remove the password and click "Remove" button to remove one by one. Or you can just click "Remove All" button to remove all th…

Blogger: Add Share Buttons to your blog

Since when Blogger has this option, I don't know. But I just notice from other blogger that they have these social buttons.

Some people recommended to use "addthis" ( to add those buttons. Anyway, I found that Blogger itself provides the option to show these buttons as well. It's not easy to find them though. So, I blog it. :P

- Log in to your Blogger page. In home page, click at "More options" menu and select "Layout".

- In "Layout" page, click at "Edit" link in "Blog Posts" section.

- In "Configure Blog Posts" pop-up window, check at "Show Share Buttons" option. Scroll down and click at "SAVE" button.

The "Share Buttons" will be shown at the end of your post.

Oracle: How to get Oracle 11g database to support your language

To change Oracle database to support character in other language, you need to change it's Character Set. In the older version of Oracle such as version 7, you can update value of Character Set in PROPS$. But in newer version such as Oracle 11g, it need you to update straight to the property of the database.

      Server side: Oracle 11g
      Client side: Microsoft Windows 7, Oracle Client 11g

At server side:
- Log in to SQL*Plus as SYSDBA.



- Update database property.


Note: "TH8TISASCII" is for Thai language.

- Shutdown database.


- Startup database.


At client side:

Expect that you already install Oracle Client into your computer.

- Click "Start" button of Microsoft Windows, type "regedit" in the search box and then press ENTER or click at the search result…

Windows: Share folder without password

New Windows has very difficult way to share your folder to friends, of course, because security reason. You may want to go back to the easy way "just share it!". But you still have to consider the risk on your own.

Environment: Windows 7

- Open "Windows Explorer", right click at the folder that you want to share. Then, select "Properties".

- "Properties" pop-up window will be shown. Select tab "Sharing" and click at "Share..." button.

- From "File Sharing" pop-up window, select "Everyone" from drop down list.

- Once you select name from drop down list, click at "Add" button to add that name.

- Click "Share" button to share to the selected people. Make sure that you give "Read" permission to "Permission Level".

- Another window will show that your folder is shared. Click "Done" button. it will bring you back to the "Properties" pop-up window.

- In …

Google: Turn off 2-Step Verification

Google announced 2-Step Verification for better security with mobile phone. It's really secure just like banks. The problem might happen with the people who don't want to mess that secure process and want to go back to the normal with only enter password and that's all.

Here are the steps to disable 2-Step Verification:
- Log in to your Gmail. You still need to put the verification code from your mobile.
- Click on your picture on the right-top corner. Then, click "Account settings" link.

- In "Account overview", click at "Edit" link in "2-step verification".

- Google will show the screen to login again. Enter your password and click "Sign in" button.

- Inside 2-step verification screen, click at "Turn off 2-step verification..." link.

- There will be "2-step verification" pop-up window inside the screen. Click "Ok" to disable this function.

- The screen will show that 2-step verification is &q…

Microsoft Excel: Hide zero value in specific cell

After you configure Microsoft Excel to show zero value in the worksheet (refer to, there are some cells that you need to hide when its value is zero. Here are the steps to hide in specific cell.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- Right click at the cell that you want to hide the zero value. Then, select "Format Cells..." from the menu.

- "Format Cells" pop-up will be shown. At "Number" tab, select "Custom" at "Category:" list box. Replace value "0.00;-0;;@" into "Type:" input box. Click "OK" button to save the value. You can change the format of number to display when it's not zero in the first value before semi-colon (;).

The result will be blank when the value in cell is zero.

You can use "Format Painter" to apply to the rest of the cells that you want to have the same format.

Reference: http://office.microso…

Microsoft Excel: Show zero value in worksheet

When you input zero value into the worksheet, Microsoft Excel will show blank cell but you want it to display "0" value.

To display the zero number, you have to set configuration by following these steps.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- Click "File" menu and then "Options".

- The "Excel Options" pop-up will be shown. Select "Advanced" from the left pane. Scroll down until fine the "Display options for this worksheet:" section. Select worksheet that you want to see the zero value.

- Check in "Show a zero in cells that have zero value" checkbox. And then, click "OK" button to save the value.

You can select other worksheet and check this option and click "OK" at once to apply to more than one worksheet at the same time.


Google Chrome: Set default search engine

Normally in Google Chrome, when you type any words in URL bar, Chrome will call search engine which is Google Search Engine by default. One day, it just happen that other search engine changes to be something else. Here is the way to change your default search in Google Chrome.

Environment: Google Chrome version 15.0.874.120 m

- Open Google Chrome web browser.
- Click "Customize and control Google Chrome" button and click at "Options". Google Chrome will open new tab.

- At "Basics" option, select the search engine that you want from "Search" drop down list. Close the tab. The value will be saved automatically.


Microsoft Excel: Create drop down list data

To create Excel template for your document, sometimes you need to select data from the provided one without typing again. Here is the way to create drop down list for the prepared data.

Environment: Microsoft Excel 2010

- First of all, you need to create the group of data that you want to use in the drop down list. In my case, I create the group of data in new tab of the same Excel file.

- Select "Data" menu and click at the cell that you want to create drop down list.

- Click at "Data Validation" button and select "Data Validation..." choice.

- Excel will show "Data Validation" pop-up window. In "Allow:", select "List" option.

- When select option "List", it will show "Source:". Click at grid button.

- Select the tab that contain the group of data, drag the mouse over the data that you want to use. Then, select the grid button when you finish.

- Click "OK" button to finish.

- There will be the dr…

Microsoft Word: Make picture background to be transparent

If you want to make your picture background to be transparent but don't have any tool. Microsoft Word also provide the simple tool for that.

Environment: Microsoft Word 2010

- Select the picture that you want to make the background to be transparent. The menu "Picture Tools" -> "Format" will show in the main menu.

- Click at "Format" menu. It will show the sub-menu. Click "Remove Background" button.

- Menus under "Background Removal" will be shown as below. In the picture, purple area is the transparent area.

- Adjust area that you want to make transparency.

- Click at "Mark Areas to Keep" button and mark at the areas that you don't want to be transparent.

- When finish marking area, click "Keep Changes" button to keep the change.

- The result will be as below.