Oracle: How to get Oracle 11g database to support your language

To change Oracle database to support character in other language, you need to change it's Character Set. In the older version of Oracle such as version 7, you can update value of Character Set in PROPS$. But in newer version such as Oracle 11g, it need you to update straight to the property of the database.

      Server side: Oracle 11g
      Client side: Microsoft Windows 7, Oracle Client 11g

At server side:
- Log in to SQL*Plus as SYSDBA.

            CONNECT /@ AS SYSDBA


- Update database property.


   Note: "TH8TISASCII" is for Thai language.

- Shutdown database.


- Startup database.


At client side:

Expect that you already install Oracle Client into your computer.

- Click "Start" button of Microsoft Windows, type "regedit" in the search box and then press ENTER or click at the search result.

- There will be "User Account Control" pop-up window to ask "Do you wan to allow the following program to make change to this computer?". Click "Yes" button to allow.

- "Registry Editor" program will be opened. Drill down and click at the label from the left pane "Computer" -> "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" -> "SOFTWARE" -> "ORACLE" -> "KEY_OraClient11g_home1".

- From the right pane, double click at "NLS_LANG" parameter. There will be "Edit String" pop-up window as shown below.

- Change the value after "." in "Value data:" text box to be the same as you have changed in the database from the server side. Then, click "OK" button to save the value.

- The value of "NLS_LANG" parameter will be changed as shown. Close "Registry Editor" program.

Now you can read, input or import data in Thai or in other language you have set.

Credit to: Mr. Sarawut Suangtho, Database Administrator, IBM Thailand

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