Android: Create shortcut to sub-menu in Settings

I have to switch Wi-Fi all the time at my customer site to connect to internet. It takes time to open Settings and then Wi-Fi instead of open Wi-Fi menu directly. So, I prefer to create a shortcut into my Home screen straight.

Suppose that in Honeycomb version you just press anywhere in Home screen, there will be the context menu for you to create shortcut. Unfortunately in Ice Cream Sandwich, it doesn't work like that.

I used to install "Go Launcher EX" to help that but I found out later that in ICS also support this action as well by looking for shortcut in Widgets.

O/S: Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.4
Device: Samsung Galaxy S III

  • Open "Application Drawer" from the dock menu.
  • Select "Widgets" tab.
  • Slide to left or right until you found "Settings Shortcut 1 x 1". Long press at the widget and drag to Home screen.
  • There will be the pop-up sub-menu list, slide up or down to find the sub-menu that you want to make a shortcut and select it. In my case, I select "Wi-Fi".

  • The shortcut will be created in your Home screen as shown in the picture.

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