Google Contact Group: How to select multiple e-Mail Contact into Google Contact Group

I created Google Contact Group and added people from my contact into it but I found that Google automatically selects only 1 e-Mail from the multiple e-Mail contact. I need to add more e-Mails into the contact group. It's quite hard to find how.

So, here it is the way to add:
- I will start from adding new group. After you login into Gmail, select "Contacts" and "New Group...". It will pop-up "New Group" box. Enter your group name and click "OK".

- Select the new group that you just added. Then, select "Add to " drop box. Type contact name that you want to add and select the e-Mail that you want to specify.

- You can keep typing the same name that has many e-Mail address and select more to add until you are satisfy.

- Once you are okay, click "Add" to add e-mails from the contact.

- The e-Mails from the contact person will be added into the group.

Now, Google will send e-Mail using those e-Mails you specified.

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